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With over 12 years of dedicated service toward end-to-end healthcare management software products, MEDEILPLUS has become the globally recognized leader in the Clinic and Medical Practice management system. It is a one-stop solution for the increasing demand of healthcare facilities and their subsequent requirements that encapsulate doctors’ and Hospital services, pharma inventories, and Electronic patient records. More than 25,000 solutions that we have deployed around the world ensure that you get error-free service at any given stage. No matter what challenges you face, our highly qualified technicians assure that your business gets back on track without any further delays. Not just that, they also ascertain that the system’s performance is optimal and error-free.

Maintaining Appointments, Electronic prescriptions, Hospital in and outpatient Medical billing management, Pharmacy and Store inventories, and patient records is integral to any healthcare system. Maintaining records manually has become redundant, owing to the great scope that present-day healthcare systems have acquired. MEDEILPLUS has a solution for that too both standalone and cloud based solution.



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Poly Clinics

Nursing Homes

Clinic Pharmacy


Hospices & Care Centers

Out Patient Department

Long-term care Hospital

Clinic Management

homeopathy and siddha hospital

Ayurvedic and naturopathy hospitals

Veterinary hospitals & Clinics

Mobile Hospitals & Medical Camp software


A Platform that empowers Healthcare organizations

Medeil Plus Cloud is integrated software that handles all the departments of Medical Practice & Clinic workflows.

Appointment & schedule

MEDEIL PLUS Cloud is helpful for fixing the patient appointment fixing also other Scan, and other aspects of hospital services To Avoid unnecessary waiting time of patients or customer will help patients

Electronic Prescription Generation


Electronic prescription management will help to generate the Medical prescription to patients along with the pharmacy stock based generation along with vital signs, symptoms, Medical coding along with procedure code ICD PCS 10 will help for doctors to generate along with medical knowledge base Add-on Including along with drug interaction, etc.

Electronic Health Record

EHR or EMR is a complete digital record of particular patient clinical and administrative records that can be accessed anywhere though digital sharing to their doctors, hospitals, and even patients to access and understand the health conditions


In-Patient billing (or) Medical billing

Medical Billing is a complex process based on health insurance, and other administrative services including multiple billing process including OPD, In Doctor Consulting, Pharmacy billing, a medical device used device charges, Patient scans, laboratory reports, etc. It will differ based on the insurance scheme, advance payout methods,

Pharmacy Module Integration

Medeil Plus Cloud application for more suitable for managing multiple process which includes Pharmacy process included based on the availability the hospital doctor can generate medical prescription to the patient to avoid shortage of medication, also if he wants to know the pricing of the medication, the overall pharmacy integration help physician and also improves the quality of care of the patient's life.


Multiple Department Management

Medeil Plus Cloud will allow managing multiple departments across all verticals, which includes managing OPD, IPD, and all other services within single cloud to help hospital administration to manage entirely.

Health compliances and Regulatory Requirements

Our solution address each and every country demand on healthcare standards and rule in place to manage their requirements which includes HIPPA, WHO, GS1 Standards, etc. will help hospital take necessary step to managing all the requirements of healthcare facilities

pharmacy business

Suitable for both Single Hospitals or Multiple Hospital Groups

Medeil Plus Cloud is most suitable for both the organized and unorganized hospitals or clinic groups to manage the entire process in the single cloud platform, if you need a specific cloud we are happy to deploy the world top cloud providers already AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean Cloud Solutions.

thirdparty integration

Third party integration With Cloud solution Medeil Plus Cloud

We always support all kind of required Third-party Integration get third-party/custom API integration services, Web API development, Over the years, we have worked on several API integrations using REST, JSON, SOAP, Graph QL, etc, if client required specific CRM integration we happy to provide complete support to them



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