Health tech advancements have seen many innovations in the healthcare space bring astonishing medical realities.

Technology has a direct effect on patient experiences and their caretakers as they interact with hospitals and healthcare facilities.

As the healthcare industry is moving fast towards a patient-centric approach, technology has the total capacity to act as a device to upgrade hospital experiences.

Not joining the tech bandwagon can end up in you foregoing a field of boundless possibilities. What’s riskier is that not implementing technological administrative workflow in a healthcare center may result in a deterrent for patients who come to expect the goodness of technology in all walks of life to make life easier & seamless.

As per a recent study, 20% of patients reported that they have chosen to switch over from a physician owing to bad digital administrative experiences in the hospital The good news is, implementing technology in your hospital process isn’t a tough aspect. Here are a few instances through which technology can help in leveraging your hospital experience with utmost trust & incomparable care

1. Wearable technology and remote patient monitoring

Healthcare wearables are used in huge numbers to increase patient engagement in both inpatient and home care delivery.

Wearable technology supports offering a comprehensive check of patient vitals like pulse, temperature, and respiration. Blood pressure, heartbeat, etc..

Rather than depending on monitoring and reviewing the vitals in different intervals, the data gets recorded automatically which aids in taking data-driven healthcare decisions.

Also, remote patient monitoring helps patients take care of their health in the comfort of their homes while making it possible for physicians to track the patient’s health remotely. These technologies also help patients take care of their health with a better understanding of their vitals. They may just log in to the app and be updated with their health stats every day.

Patients with adequate knowledge are satisfied patients. Having clear proof of their health status is an added advantage in the course of treatment and helps them to be motivated with their health progress. Integration of technology-driven gadgets does not just improve the results in healthcare delivery but also shows a positive effect on patient experiences in healthcare delivery.

2. Elimination of negative waiting room experiences

Longer queues have a detrimental effect on patient satisfaction levels and are always related to negative hospital experiences.

If the patient’s waiting time is longer to meet the physician, it creates a not-so-good hospital experience and is a completely bitter start before the treatment begins.

Long waiting lines not only end up in a negative hospital experience but also bring down the confidence of the patient in the healthcare provider and also affect the quality of healthcare. Using technology for optimizing the hospital’s present processes can be a great remedy to waiting room woes. Appointment scheduling software transfers the onus of scheduling the appointment to the patients,

As the patients opt for a time & date which is comfortable for them, the doctors have a choice to approve or reject the appointment based on their schedule & also doctors may request for reschedule. As the time slots are already fixed, it ends up with effective scheduling and decreasing wait times. As the waiting time of patients is saved, it increases the satisfaction levels of the hospital visit.

3. Use of mobile apps to boost patient engagement

Think of anything and there is an app that may make the process simple & easy. So why would healthcare delivery be a step back?

With the use of Medeil healthcare software from Vanuston, uplifting patient engagement and improved hospital experience are quite evident in hospital administration & patient experience.

From reminder applications for medication to mobile patient portals that offer an overview of the treatment being offered at the tip of your fingers, mobile apps in the healthcare industry are here to bring a change.

Patients are also notified with automated reminders to refill their medicines to ensure better health outcomes. The purpose of mobile apps is not just limited to patients. Hospital location finder apps can aid visitors to navigate within the hospital premises for all emergency healthcare needs.

4. Clinical decision-making through health analytics

Hospital & healthcare institutions have complicated processes and delay in any segment can end up in the process inefficiency which can negatively affect the overall treatment experience in the hospital.

Raising the data power with predictive analysis can aid in keeping away delays as a result of workflow complications and can result in clinical decision making

The purpose of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics is to design a hospital decision support system that can drive up the speed and improvise medical diagnosis with better accuracy & precision.

It also helps in using data-driven approach to bring down the risk of medical errors.

5. Improving hospital experiences through innovative technology

The hospital experiences are not very great when a patient gets admitted. To worsen the situation, many people have inherent phobias about hospitalization. Technology can aid in alleviating the fears and give a pleasant hospital stay experience.

Smart speakers can multiply the effect of noise cancelling helping patients to pick a music of their choice while avoiding the noise from adjacent rooms.

They can also keep a check on the lighting and temperature of the room. Additionally, voice commands to relay notifications to the nursing station when in need of help will soon be part of the hospital experiences for in patients in coming future.

Augmented and virtual reality can also be boosted for betterment of patient engagement while keeping them informed about the treatment choices followed.

A recent survey by gallup reviewed that patients who are aware about post-surgery complications are more satisfied than the patients who had no much understanding or knowledge about the procedure.

AR/VR can be boosted as a tool for better patient education & improvement of hospital experience.

6. Using telemedicine in addition to in-person visits

Technology helps in connects the physicians & patients for easy communication. Instead of calling patients every time to the hospital, the healthcare provider & patients communications takes place through virtual platform.

The choice of platform for interaction can be chosen by patients. They may opt to make video calls , audio calls or even try end-to-end encrypted text message.

Simplifying the mode of interaction with physicians with a better chance of frequent appointments is a positive experience that boosts the trust a hospital.

According toa  study 83% of patients prefer to get reminders from doctors related to medications  along witha prescribed drug advice , exercise regimen and schedule the future appointments.

Apart from just patients, even the caretakers prefer to contact the physician virtually to discuss about the health condition of their loved ones. Telemedicine is a great tool to raise the bar for better hospital experience.

Summing up

Patient satisfaction is a benchmark that always stays significant. The hospital experience that patient carry with them after their stay in the hospital, the discussion they have prior to it and after the treatment and the technology used to integrate innovation in healthcare will be the key to deciding the satisfaction levels.

As the healthcare industry happen to see a disruption in big scale and technology based innovation can be a secret ingredient to reap a name as trusted hospital in teh locality.

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