Healthcare delivery system one of the most important process is managing a complete Pharmacy and store inventory management is complex also bit critical process, but need a professional hospital inventory management practice by an pharmacist with required experience on dispensing medication to patient end, both OPD and inpatient and its each every department of medication requirement based on availabilities and affordability of care of patient and also limitation of health insurance Policy schemes and reimbursement. Most important aspects of drug and its safety and efficacy of medication which includes regulatory compliances on each and every country differ from its own norms.
In Hospital Pharmacy inventory management and control is biggest challenges due to its categorization of medication, medical devices, diagnostic, FMCG items, and each and every sub category have its own norms on storage conditions and stock management of particular item need an approval process both inpatient usage as well as medical devices from related physician or surgeon request based on the patient operational requirement, which including pharmacy related items from the pharmacies, especially large or corporate hospital need pharmacy inventory channel to dispensing the medication at OPD patients from OPD pharmacy, inpatient medication requirement at nursing station to administration of medication to inpatients at Intensive care units and emergency department required instantly availability of some medication at ICU level
Hospital Administration and management department usually using standard pharmacy software at their pharmacies, but the main challenges of managing multiple pharmacy inventories and its accountabilities, most of the corporate hospital are adapting hospital information system, but H.I.S is pharmacy is one of the modules with limited features about hospital pharmacy management prospective
Hosbay -Hospital inventory management software is addressing all the main challenges at hospital pharmacy challenges with solution, Hosbay is the cloud-based hospital pharmacy software addressing independent hospitals even we are addressing the group of hospitals and Health centers.