CHENNAI, India – June 2021 – Vanuston Intelligence is a niche Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies, Online Pharmacies, Chain of Pharmacies and independent Pharmacies and Other Selective retailers we are serving  Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device companies, Healthcare,  Veterinary Hospitals, Clinics and Pet stores, FMCG Stores, Daily Products selling stores, Agrochemical, and Beauty & Cosmetics industries for their Software solution for their entire supply chain process we are addressing the need of the hour to computerize your business which includes pharmacies across India and across several countries and create an awareness of a pharmacy management Software (PMS), announced today that it is now reached around 1,20,000 downloads, and reaches 25000 Pharmacies across the world. MEDEIL reaches, one of the top 10 download pharmacy software in the world.

Medeil Cloud Platform

Recently we launched our Medeil-Cloud Platform to expand our capabilities to address the specific industries complete demand from Manufacturer, Warehouse management, Distribution management software, multiple stores of pharmacies and retailers even more we can reach to the final customer in the single cloud application or even we have solution to discuss individually both cloud and mobility enabled solution, our experience through lesson about pharmaceutical verticals over 12 years, we aware about country specific own regulatory compliances  requirements also have different in several factors such as Insurance Integration, Taxation system, Brand information, etc.

Medeil-Cloud Apps are supporting Multilingual such as English, French, Arabic and Spanish, Plan to reach global market for addressing their business demand of software, we launched recently Medeil Cloud POS in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kenya. We will expand other countries in few months which includes Europe, North America, Canada, and South America. We plan to adopt local government norms and approvals to accept each and every country.

Medeil cloud hq for chain of Pharmacy solution, Hosbay, Medorbits, Allotmed, and Cartfil is ready for all countries, Medeil Plus Cloud is launching in a month as a Saas application targeting medical practitioner, Clinic, and Hospitals

About Vanuston: 

Vanuston Intelligence, a privately held firm providing high quality software as a Service (SaaS) Application for Healthcare and Retail business solutions in selected vertical segments by combining the domain expertise, process-driven technology skills and a commitment towards long-term client relationships.

Founded in 2009 by a team of experts, Vanuston Intelligence has been dedicated in delivering cutting-edge solutions to Independent Healthcare Professional, corporate, and medium and small business owners.

Our customer-centric approach turns apart from the competition by focusing on individual services rather than mass-produced which includes custom development, updating legacy systems, implementation and consulting support to build a client-specific system. For more information

MEDEIL (Standalone)  / Medeil Plus

Our standalone Medeil Primarily targeting small chemist stores across the developing nations, that includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, and other south Asian countries. the early stage of retail software market around 30 African countries using MEDEIL. Mainly Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Congo and other African countries to enabling computerization of semi urban and rural retail drug shops across the globe. Both standalone is available to address Clinics and Pharmacies.

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