How to be a trustable hospital in your location?


Health tech advancements have seen many innovations in the healthcare space bring astonishing medical realities. Technology has a direct effect on patient experiences and their caretakers as they interact with hospitals and healthcare facilities. As the healthcare industry is moving fast towards a patient-centric approach, technology has the total capacity to act as a device […]

Top 10 Cloud SaaS Pharmacy Software Companies In The World

top 10 cloud SaaS pharmacy software companies

There are many companies in the pharmacy software industry, but only a select few stand out from the crowd. These top 10 cloud SaaS pharmacy software companies list is meant to help you find the best option for your organization’s needs. Medeilcloud is a complete Healthcare & life sciences Saas company with best pharmacy software […]

Best ERP & SCM Software for Medical Device Manufacturers

Hospital Devices

The medical device industry isn’t the same as any other industry. That’s why it can be so hard to find an ERP & SCM software or medical device industry , especially when you’re not sure what those needs are in the first place. That’s why we want to help you choose The Best ERP & […]

How to Avoid Medication Errors at Hospital management


Avoid hospital medication errors are one of the most preventable yet common causes of medical error at Hospital management. Unfortunately, these mistakes happen in the hospital setting and at home, where family members are responsible for administering medications to loved ones who have been prescribed drugs by their physicians. Hospitals can improve their efficiency and communication […]

Vanuston Launched New SaaS Platform Medeil-Cloud for Healthcare, and Selective Retail & Pharmacy Apps

CHENNAI, India – June 2021 – Vanuston Intelligence is a niche Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies, Online Pharmacies, Chain of Pharmacies and independent Pharmacies and Other Selective retailers we are serving  Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device companies, Healthcare,  Veterinary Hospitals, Clinics and Pet stores, FMCG Stores, Daily Products selling stores, Agrochemical, and Beauty & Cosmetics industries for […]



Healthcare delivery system one of the most important process is managing a complete Pharmacy and store inventory management is complex also bit critical process, but need a professional hospital inventory management practice by an pharmacist with required experience on dispensing medication to patient end, both OPD and inpatient and its each every department of medication […]

MedeilCloud is an end-to-end Healthcare

Vanuston has been a leading healthcare service provider since long time. MEDEIL is one of the key software offered by Vanuston and its Medeilcloud Platform. The foundation of this software has opened new doors in the industry for the Medeil – pharmacy management system on 2011. There is an interactive index of prohibited and counterfeit […]

Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown

impact of covid 19 lockdown

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology is the science of harnessing and tapping into the power of the processes that take place in cells, molecules, and micro-organisms. The concept is applied to create and improve food products, medicines and technologies to boost a healthy lifestyle. Scientists around the world have been harnessing them for several decades. The Pharma […]

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Welcome to the future where artificial intelligence automates some of the most mundane tasks and helps companies run ten times faster than on a manual system.