Vanuston has been a leading healthcare service provider since long time. MEDEIL is one of the key software offered by Vanuston and its Medeilcloud Platform. The foundation of this software has opened new doors in the industry for the Medeil – pharmacy management system on 2011. There is an interactive index of prohibited and counterfeit medications in this pharmacy software package solution. This encourages the physicians and pharmacists in the inventory to rule out unauthorized medicines. We recently launched the Medeil Cloud Platform and its one of our new version of cloud apps are Medeil Cloud POS and its re-order system integrates with the supplier and distributor management system, making it a must-have for indoor pharmacy for retail pharmacy, online health shop and multi-specialty clinics.
As the Medeil and Medeil Cloud POS software is used in Retail Pharmacies, veterinary pharmacies, Ayush pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, the pharmaceutical inventory management system of Vanuston is pharmaceutical-specific. The prescription capture method has been a favourite for pharmacists. The software also expands to fit to bigger health stores by providing a single counter to charge about 20 clients at the same time. The barcode and QR Code Also scanning option is available to make billing easy for counter transactions and you are free to generate your own barcodes for your goods. This Application for Pharmacies finds its use in multiple branches is Medeil Cloud HQ. A dynamic mixture of process codes, drug codes, reactions, alerts and related cost tree is available for the Pharmacies. This is the primary explanation for the successful introduction of a healthcare software infrastructure that promotes the everyday working life of physicians, pharmacists and patients pending treatment. Our clinic clinical software, Nursing home with automated pharmacy, is uniquely developed to support physicians, healthcare providers and pharmacists. Physicians can e-prescribe their patients’ drugs so pharmacists can look at. If any of the medication contact poses a threat during the prescription, the doctor will be alerted on the computer. Now doctors may also arrange the appointment during e-prescribing of the patient’s next session. It helps to keep organizations on board and still running. The app also serves as a platform for managing the finance portion, producing reports, and managing lists of suppliers / distributors. Another exquisite feature built to make the organization competitive and robust is the stock filling due and expiry warning. The most impressive aspect of this scalable prescription for health care is that it provides an inbuilt record of the current generic medication codes of all available drugs. For each media, the experiences and dosages are made visible. For a larger view, Vanuston is a healthcare solutions company. Being a forerunner in the pharmaceutical software industry, with a well-seasoned workforce, we remain on the edge of technology.