Speed up the Hospital Administration Process

Most effective Hospital information management Process inbuild in our Medeil Plus Cloud Apps are most effective and process management of the clinics and hospital is managed by its automation process will help them to manage entire small and medium medical practice along with clinic pharmacy management process will help them to process the system

Most effective HIS Process inbuild

To manage multi department process will help to manage the entire process to manage the patient data on multiple Healthcare centers departments in the single cloud platform

Management at Clinic Pharmacy

The medical practice management process along with dispensing pharmacy along with medical practice management process help small clinics and Poly Clinics,

Management of Medical Practice

Today over more than 15,00,000 Brands are available for Pharmaceutical drug brand information will most difficult process along with required pharmacological information will help to take informed decision at global level.

The hospital billing process

The overall entire medical billing process including revenue cycle management both payer and receiver end, the entire process is managed by medeil plus cloud platform help country specific drug information, insurance process etc.

SaaS Based Hospital Management System (HMS)

Our Medical Practice management is one of the most economical solution will address the small and medium Nursing homes and its demand on the digital transformation of healthcare industries demand will fulfilled with our solution

Software as a Service (SaaS App)

Today’s world across all the verticals starts adopting Software as a service model because its most economical solution and address your necessary requirement inbuild in the solution

Cloud enabled HMS

The entire solution is hosted in cloud environment to manage your healthcare centers seamlessly, flexible, transparency reliable business operations of hospitals

Mobile enabled solution

Hospital software will help us to manage the entire business on the go by its owners, directors, doctors to access the required data.

Enterprise Hospital solution for Any size

The enterprise solution to all type of Clinics, poly clinics and Nursing homes for their demand on yearly based subscription model.

It will minimize the number of prescription and medication mistakes

We are more interested on medication informed decision support system to Medical professionals, Pharmacist and even patient can understand the knowledge base will reduce the maximum error in the automated systems

WHO -ATC Coding system

It will help us to identify the particular drug classification will help to understand the Anatomical & therapeutic classifications system help to understand on particular molecule or generic medicines.

WHO-ICD-CM medical coding

World Health organization releasing the international classification of Diseases frequent intervals help them for identification of diseases and also helpful for hospital insurance billing

WHO-PCS Coding Standards:

who define the disease and also procedure coding system will help them to identify the particular methods and system is follows on each every operational methods


Defined Daily Dose as a measuring unit have become the gold standard for international drug utilization monitoring and research defined drug wise maximum usage limits on each and every drugs

Data Standards & Security play an important role

Data security standards are important role of patient data in the medical practice in hospitals along with their reports are encrypted standards need to be follow as per HIPPA and other regulatory guideline standards.

HIPPA Standards

its important copay integration program for USA for integration of HIPPA for protecting the data through physical, network, cloud and process securities in place.

Out dated Technology in Hospitals

Out dated technology issues due to technology vendor contract discontinued, infrastructure outdated, security patches not updated due to technology not updated etc.

Health information exchanges

Health information exchange a network that stores large quantities of medical and health data shared between multiple providers creates a tempting opportunity for data thieves.

Electronic Health Records (EHR or EMR)

Electronic Health Record is needed to adopt every patient record to access doctors, pharmacist, and even other health care providers including co-payers to access the medical records of the patient with its own preview.

Improved Patient Care is the key of success

Technology and its solution help to improve the patient care in certain areas like medication, prescription level, diagnostic Area, Remote Telehealth solution, etc.

Prescription Level

Doctors or Medical Physician can generate electronic prescription along with decision support system related to diagnostics, and medication level really help to generate less prescription error

Pharmacy Level

Once its reached drug store the pharmacist try to read hand return prescription is will be more possible of misunderstanding at pharmacy level will be avoided also the decision support system help patients to dispensing the medicine fast and accurate.

Nursing station Level

its applicable to nurses for administering a drug at patient level its more accurate calculation will help patient administration with particular route of administration information etc.

Patient Level

At patient level only the major medical adherence happen due to economical condition and also age related problem they miss the medication dosage on particular day, our solution help them both reducing the cost parameters and also address the reminder to patients.


Role and User Access Control

As a client admin have all the rights about access our app, whether it will allow the user on certain module access even form view etc, you can fix the role and user add and deletion in your control

Role setup

Any new employee the total role set up will be assigned by access rights by client admin level

SSO Access control

Single sign on access control of the application will enable your account will be more secure your access in the application both Client admin and user

User Access

Every user have separate login credentials once client admin setting up the user rights on the app will control employee wise access control


The oauth authorization framework is a protocol that allows a user to grant a third-party web site or application access to the user’s protected resources along with access control.

Manage Multiple clinics and Chain Hospitals

In MedeilPlus Cloud is more suitable for single or multiple Clinics and Hospitals to manage in the cloud environment to manage entire operations and transferring inventory and manage the complete accounting of the healthcare Hospitals.

Supply chain management in the hospital

The advantages of most efficient Supply Chain in Healthcare is improved processes, efficient utilization of resources, satisfied employees, effective treatment and satisfied customers.

Transferring stock challenges

we have single platform transferring single location to other location will your intent request once Head office approved the required stock transferred will be happen

Auditing multiple departments and hospitals

Auditing multiple hospitals and department is multiple challenges including human resources, hospital inventory management, expiry management, short expiry management etc.

Sourcing single location but stocking multiple areas

Most of the Multiple hospitals chain the procurement process happen in the head office and the stock will be transferred multiple locations.

Dashboard & Reports in a Single Click

Our application help our customer to understand their business in a single click on weekly or monthly or yearly by single clicks and also about any report can access any time any where across the world

Lead Time Analysis:

Manage the lead time about once PO raised our end to Product delivered to our warehouse, we analysis and optimize the lead time analysis to select right vendor our demands

ABC Analysis

Managing the inventory both pharmacy and store will be categorized according to the requirement of product category based on the hospital stock movement will decide the categories

Product Ranking

Product ranking based on the quantities and amount based will be decided on timely bases and even sessional areas Currently Covid-19 Situation less acute condition patients

Reports on Business Intelligence

Hospital environment any report related to patient records and multiple department wise orders and billing process along with the Human resources progressive reports