How to Avoid Medication Errors at Hospital management


Avoid hospital medication errors are one of the most preventable yet common causes of medical error at Hospital management. Unfortunately, these mistakes happen in the hospital setting and at home, where family members are responsible for administering medications to loved ones who have been prescribed drugs by their physicians. Hospitals can improve their efficiency and communication […]

Vanuston Launched New SaaS Platform Medeil-Cloud for Healthcare, and Selective Retail & Pharmacy Apps

CHENNAI, India – June 2021 – Vanuston Intelligence is a niche Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies, Online Pharmacies, Chain of Pharmacies and independent Pharmacies and Other Selective retailers we are serving  Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device companies, Healthcare,  Veterinary Hospitals, Clinics and Pet stores, FMCG Stores, Daily Products selling stores, Agrochemical, and Beauty & Cosmetics industries for […]

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Welcome to the future where artificial intelligence automates some of the most mundane tasks and helps companies run ten times faster than on a manual system.