A Fully Integrated Point of Sale

Medeil cloud POS is a proven application with fully integrated solution help pharmacies and selective Retailers for their complete business requirements which includes CRM, purchase, Sales, home delivery, managing products with zero percentage expiry management with complete knowledge enabled solution to address the patient health issues.


The Interactive Dashboard help Retail Business Owner to take an informed decision of each and every process by its charts

Barcode Integrated

Retail or Pharmacy process Bar code integration help to providing fastest service to Customer to deliver the Products.

Top Performance

Medeil Cloud POS enabling the Pharmacy owners to do their business in all aspects, Medeil Cloud POS will help them both the ways to be a best performance in the business

QR Code

In today’s Modern world to access a particular product or service using a QR code will enable the Sales to clients at the earliest.

pos-Integrated point of sales

Cloud-based SaaS software works both online and offline

Medeil cloud POS works both online and offline mode with cloud enabled solution to address the pharmacy requirement in affordable price with country specific pharmacy solution with differentiating from market available Point of sales.

Latest Technology

we build latest technology to entirely satisfied our customer demand on their requirements and their budget.

Cloud Deployment

Our SaaS Application is deployed in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean based on the demand

Work without the internet

Medeil Cloud POS is addressing the real problem in developing nations about the stability of the Internet is a question mark? but we try to address this problem in our new solution

Any device & Anywhere

Our solution will help customer to access their data any where any device and any time across the world

The Intelligence Purchase process

Overall even small and medium pharmacy retail outlets can increase their ROI, we provide a procurement intelligence solution which includes ABC analysis and lead time analysis of selecting the right distribution partners with a high margin with long expiry.

Reorder Process

Automated reorder process help business owners to order once reordered new products, and the stock reached minimum inventory stocks etc.

Optimized stock management:

Managing inventory is most important aspect of retail business to increase the Return of Investment, so most important aspect is ratio to manage both inward and outward of stock by optimize the right sku availability to satisfaction of customer

Wanted Book

Help pharmacist to address its stock demand on no stock products, replenishment process of the required products

ABC Ananlysis

Our solution will be part of online pharmacy process along with our fulfillment process it will integrate with any online pharmacy or online healthcare stores getting order and fulfillment process
pos-Intelligence purchase process
pos- specific workflow

Pharmacy-specific workflow management

The new Medeil 2.0 version is known to manage operations, business processes, and forecasting the futuristic demands of business and sales. The company has also incorporated cloud and mobility-enabled solutions that form a key decision-making factor for small and big enterprises.

Pharmacy Clinical Care

Growing high demand of pharmacies to provide Kind and intellectual medical knowledge sharing to Patient demand on medication usage, Adverse reaction, and other clinical issues to Pharmacist

Omni Channel sales Order

Todays world influencing everyone on using different channels to reach their drug stores with various apps to ordering their medicine like, WhatsApp, email, telecall, various messengers even SMS, Own patient gadgets 

Employee Management

The complete HRMS will help your customers to enhance their employee Registration, task assignment, and Task Management.

Rx Refilling Process

Customer wise refiling process for chronic condition patient help them to manage the medical adherence and dosages properly.

Multi channel Sales ordering & Billing

Today’s world require multi channel sales ordering process which includes messengers, Email, web page, Telephone, Mobile SMS, Online Pharmacies etc

WhatsApp, Telegram & Viber

The messenger which includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram will get instant messages, which includes prescription as a image even self record video to pharmacy owners

Email, SMS, & Telephone

Every day we are using communication channel which includes email, SMS, and Mobile to talk and send messages to customer or vendor

Sales invoicing & Receipt

the easiest sales invoicing process which includes multiple customers in the single register even multiple payment processes bill both generic wise or Brand wise.

Multiple Payment process

Medeil Cloud POS will support multiple payment gateway which includes Cash, credit, coupon and payment gateway process which includes UPI, QR Code scan, net banking, credit card etc.

pos-sales ordering & billing
pos-sales ordering & billing

Pharmacy Care is the part of Responsibilities

The overall process of Pharmacy care will help our customer provide required knowledge base of pharmacology and Medical information help to address the Patient Consultation

Drug Specification

Overall pharmaceutical drug and its pharmacological classes and its dynamics and Kinetics, toxicological ratio’s, ADME’s are important for treating right dosage to pediatric and genetic patients

Drug-Drug Interaction

As per resent studies addresses over 4,25,000 drug-drug interaction effects identified in several studies less than 12,000 generic molecules and its combination drugs.

WHO Standards

As per World Health Organisation arriving standards in diseases, procedures, and even drugs to better wellbeing of human through its standard norms such as WHO-ICD, WHO-PCS, WHO-ATC, WHO-DDD etc.

Disease Mapping

Based on diseases coding system help us to identify the right medication based on the treatment practices

Simple and easy to use. Accounting & Finance

Easiest and effective accounting in your business is the most important part of business, we address all the pharmacy payable and pharmacy receivables also complete accounting as per your auditor requirements.


Account Credit & Debit Notes

To Manage the account receivables and a payable from the customer end as well us vendor payment process its most important process

Employee wise Register

if you running a pharmacy store 24 hours /7 days a week it’s readily suitable both employer wise open register and close register will address the accounting each shift wise handling even counter wise.

Accounts of Chart

A chart of accounting is an index of accounting type both incoming and outward amount of the business is calculated based on the accounting ledger

Total Accounts & Profit

Total accounting finance will help us to consolidate the total revenue cycle management and its profit even the expenses and its losses