Centralised Supplier Management

MedOrbit is support from raw material sourcing into final products through the entire supply chain, companies are able to cut excess costs and deliver to your customer faster.

Vendor Registration

All the vendor data need to be registered along with taxation details, along with other important details such us handling companies and products etc.

Lead time analysis:

Vendor management and the process of lead time once order is placed and their delivery along with purchase invoice time line is important also payment terms and quality of products

Price Comparison

Each and every supplier request for pricing based on demand generation bases request for their quote of particular products with multiple vendors

Vendor Qualification

Selection of vendor based on their lead time, payment terminology, quality of product and delivery process its all depend on the selection process of vendor for particular products

Forward and Reverse Logistics:

The forward logistics deals with the flow of products from the manufacturer to the warehouse, and distribution channel to the retailer end and finally to the consumer, but today reverse logistics demand more from the consumer end to manufacturers end mainly e-commerce businesses and current business model demand both logistics model support.


Return process

Return process work start from consumer end to retailer end even up to manufacturer is possible on reverse logistic supported single system.

Product Life Cycle

Better product performance tracking throughout its entire life cycle. also it will support more customer focused areas to address their product requirement better

Consumer satisfaction

Reverse logistics support consumer demand Boosts consumer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on customer requirements

3PL Support

MedOrbits support third party logistics provider in the eco system both forward and reverse logistics movement

Supply Chain Replenishment

MedOrbit supports both upstream product storage locations to downstream main storage, picking, and shipment locations, mainly keep stock flowing through the supply chain by maintaining efficient order and line item fill rates.

Planning Replenishment

Each and every inventory management process based on proper planning based on the requirement and available space is very important

Effective Stocking Level Strategies

Most effective inventory management based on reorder quantity and dynamic minimum stock level and maximum stocking level also important on particular product based on lean time and also ABC analysis

End-to-end visibility

From the head office to access end to end inventory and sales visibilities are most important factors to automate their replenishment process

Location-wise Replenishment

Certain location wise product demand and supply differ on each and every location and their requirement of particular products and their quantity requirement differ

medorbit-supply-chain-monitoring and-control

Supply Chain Monitoring and Control

Provide an effective supply chain monitoring process – from monitoring your supply chain to managing your information, flagging potential issues, and providing insight.

Demand planning

Demand will be planned of several factors, sessional factors, even pandemic period the requirement will differ based the requirement at customer end

Supply planning

Selection of supplier and short listing of supply planning based demand and also their capabilities and criteria differ each and every suppliers

Purchase Planning

Based on demand generation at sales end differ product wise even supplier wise, sessional wise , but the procurement process based several factors including sales

Order and shipment Planning

Order process based on availabilities of inventory and plan for shipment and their requirement on shipment process will be planned according to the requirements

Processing of Customer Requirements

It provides the controlling of customer requirements in the supply chain. Mainly availability of stock, processing including receiving orders, picking, packaging, and labeling and logistics and finally fulfillment of complete the customer requirements.

Complete Requirement

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An Agile inventory strategy

Agility allows supply chain partners to work together to produce the amount of product that is needed daily, not based on quarterly, monthly, or yearly forecasts of products

Tracking and Visibilities

The overall inventory tracking and increasing visibility across your supply chain environment is key to customer satisfaction
medorbit-a centralised cloud system

A Centralised Cloud System

Overall the data processing of the entire supply chain happen in a centralized process will help to reduce or identify the early stage of risk at supply chain help avoiding falling behind the competition and maintaining proper business relationship with the partners.

Shortage avoidance

Most challenging part is avoiding shortage avoidance is important part to manage entire supply chain and its demand fulfillment process

Avoid Expiration

MedOrbits help is customer to avoid expiries in their scm process with their unique features and setting up the process help to avoid expiries and save ROI

Limited Human resource

single cloud environment will really helpful to access and track every thing in the single system with multiple location access will be easy and most effective to update the process

Temperature control

Mainly the pharmaceutical or biotechnology products such as covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines and hormones require temperature maintenance is important

create and manage multiple group companies.

Create and manage multiple group of companies in the single cloud platform which including entire supply chain process with multiple sub verticals to the final mile delivery

To create a group of companies

we can create and manage multiple companies in the single cloud platform to access any where any time in the cloud platform

Support for franchise partners

Create multiple partners including franchise partners also in the supply chain management process including their process separately

Enhance SCM Partners

Enhance the supply chain partner management which including warehouse partners, distribution partners and even retail partners in the single cloud platform

Final mile delivery

we support picking, packing, labeling and shipment process to deliver to the final mile delivery both traditional logistics and also reverse logistic process

medorbit-create group of companies