Medeil Features

Comprehensive Drug Information

Medeil Pharmacy ERP is the complete drug information updated its allows the customer to understand all the necessary required information inbuild in the database and easy for pharmacist to understand the requirements

The therapeutic classification and Sub Therapeutic Classification help them to understand the particular generic or molecules and their therapeutic usage.

Generic Product

Each generic molecule will help them to understand the particular brand and its generic details help them to understand the chemical group

Overall Formulation

the enhanced formulation master helps them to understand the complete list of formulation help pharmacy owner to understand product specification.

Drug Dosages of a particular product brand will help chemist help them to understand the particular dosage and its usage


Vendor Registration

Registering vendor based on the company and selection of the authorize distributors of particular manufacturers

Vendor wise Manufacturer

the vendor-wise registration based on Pharmaceutical or Biotech or any allied healthcare industries and its product will help to identify the product and company.

Supplier wise Products

the supplier-wise product information helps us to raise purchase orders to particular distributors or suppliers.

Top Selling Products

it helps us the top selling brands, slow-moving products, immovable stocks to decision-maker help us to take informed Procurement decisions.

Minimum Stock Level

the overall stock management is informed decision for every products and pharmacist we help them to identify the required wanted book demand identification and raise PO.


Employee Power And A High Productive Outcome

Managing the employee in retail Pharmacies by access into the Medeil system and enable necessary features help them to handle the business properly

Employee Information

the comprehensive Employee registration details help the retailer or Pharmacies to enter all the necessary information of the Particular Employees

Employee wise Access Control

Each and every drug limitation for usage on daily bases if you use excess dosage will be toxic effects to the patient end, so we provide alert system on each drug as per WHO

Employee Salary

Employee salary information helps them to handle the entire salary information help them handle both advances and salary information for a particular month.

Employee wise Overall Report

the Overall reports of the Human resource module help them take handle employee data and its overall report on sales, purchase, etc.
medeil-Stock management and Re-order levels of-drugs

Stock management and Re-order levels of Drugs

The Pharmacy or Drug store inventory management system is unique by its own demand on particular process and operations

Expired stocks

The most effective inventory management is completely avoiding the expiry management process inbuild into the Pharmacy Inventory Management system.

Reorder Process

The current Medeil standalone system support the Retailer to reorder once the particular product and its demand and supply requirements.

Optimize Inventory

Effectively manage the whole inventory without affecting operational and related process will help us to optimize the inventory avoiding excessive investment in stocks.

Avoid Expiry Management

the pharmacy process its not same as other retail stores due its 3 to 5 expired products, or drugs, we have very particular strong process in both inward and outward inventory and sales.


Sales invoicing and quotation requests

Most easiest and smartest billing module will help you manage multiple Pharmacy billing system will help our customer for invoicing to their clients

Both Brand & Generic wise

Medeil helps their clients to bill based on Brand and generic molecule wise along with substitute finding, help customer along with amount wise sales adjustments.

Multiple payment

Medeil help to invoicing to the customers by multiple payment models which includes cash, credit, card and coupon payment gateway methods.

Help fastest invoicing

Our solution help to billing fastest along with the single user can manage multiple customers in the same time will satisfy every client.

Billing & Printing

our billing and print setting allows multiple customer demands and hardware based example POS Billing, A4 Billing, customized billing, etc.
medeil-sales invoicing and quotation request
medeil-manage your customer information


Effective management of Customer Data

To manage your Customer information along with customer alerts and complaints help to understand customer wise refilling management etc.

Patient Alerts

Customer alert help them send an alert based on an add-on by SMS about their birthday, refill alert, medication information, etc.

Customer Complaints

To manage to create the customer complaints based on products, service, handling their service etc, they can raise the issue will inform the particular vendors or employer.

Manage Customer

Our enhanced customer information form will help our clients based on their type will help our customer to manage effectively.

Customer type

Every customer or patient type both in patient pharmaceutical management out patient pharmacy solution will be addressed by knowledge bases.


Total Pharmacy business and its complete financial control

The complete control of accounts is important for any business to understand whether its profitable or losses, so the necessary accounts module is build in our Medeil accounts.

Profit & Loss

To manage your business along with its profit and losses of business through the account module help you to understand better the individual business.

Day Book

Day Book help our customer each and everyday entry of business both income and expenses on particular topic wise help them address everyday accounts on your business

Balance Sheet

The automated Balance sheet will help them month wise or year wise help to submit your auditor about your business progress.

Credit and Debit Note

Every note about credit or debit notes both vendor wise also customer wise to understand the outstanding payments and receivables.
medeil- complete control of accounts
medeil-taxation module is important


It supports VAT Supporting Countries and Indian GST

Taxation module is important for every business and country wise solution on taxation method will help you to calculate the taxation of your purchase taxation and sales taxation methods.

Taxation Type

Taxation type will address both VAT (Value added taxation), Good and service taxation model help to address each and every product wise billing

Indian GST

The Indian GST Taxation will help you to understand the Central GST (CGST), State GST, UGST, and IGST for interstate taxation method

BI Reporting

The complete business reports will help to manage your business reports more than 100 reports help you to manage your business and make the right decision on each and every step of your business

Filing taxation

The entire filling process our taxation filing system will help our customer to required format to help our customer to manage their taxation filing both VAT, GST and IGST.