Scale Your Business

Medeil Cloud HQ chain store management system help you for scale and grow your business demand, its easier to add new outlets, registers in a few clicks. It will help you to manage your head officer, warehouse, distribution hub, and all chain retail stores.Multi retail management

Head Quarters

Our Head quarters edition will help to manage the entire business which include employee management, Sourcing process, vendor management etc.

Warehouse & Distribution Hub

Large Multi store management need part of the supply chain management for distribution and warehouses to supply the required demand to particular medical store.

Add New Store

When scaleup your business Medeil Cloud HQ will provide support to the entire multi store management for the IT infrastructure not required any additional expenses except the subscription license of Medeil Cloud HQ.

Add Multiple Counters

even expansion of your pharmacy or retail our Software support their requirement of additional users to manage counters and registry just need an one more license to use.

multi chain pharmacy software
multi chain pharmacy software

Effective Multi-Inventory Management

Managing chain stores inventory and its entire supply chain is biggest challenges for organisation due to lack of data flow, but Medeil Cloud HQ have its biggest advantages which includes both online and offline stores information will seamlessly flow it to the system will help on real time inventory status on retail outlets, warehouse, distribution, and even in transit

Prioritize your inventory

Categorizing your Stock into priority groups can help you understand which products you need to order more of and more frequently, and which are important to your business

All Product Information

This information should include SKUs, barcode data, suppliers, countries of origin and lot numbers or Batch Number to track the product details completely

Analyze suppliers' performance

Inventory management is primarily depend on supplier prompt supply of materials on time and deal with uncertain stock levels and the possibility of running out of stock level as a result.

Technology to manage stock

Manage your inventory with technology solution will be easier and effectively all your business requirement such as Medeil Cloud Apps

Support for multiple sales channels

We can manage multiple sales channels which includes call, whatsapp, email, both online and offline orders will help the business owners to identify its sales channel and its marketing effects will help them to make proper strategies.

Phone Order

Now days order will be placed multiple channel phone or mobile ordering is accepted alog with prescription copy for ordering medicines or items

Order by email

Sales order will be placed through email along with the prescription image will be accepted for new order or refill process of the prescription

Order by Messengers

Order will be placed through latest technology solution WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, line, Telegram also possible for ordering your products

Order by online Pharmacy

Our solution will be part of online pharmacy process along with our fulfillment process it will integrate with any online pharmacy or online healthcare stores getting order and fulfillment process

multi chain pharmacy software
multi chain pharmacy software

simple and effective replenishment process

Most difficult part of managing purchase process in multi stores requirement and ordering process, but Medeil Cloud HQ make its easier to consolidated order with different delivery addresses help them to track the order and its stock inward

Managing variable suppliers' lead times

Every supplier have different lead time or other terms and conditions but the lead time managing best supplier is the highest preference

Maintaining safety stocks

Always important to maintain the stock wisely due to uncertain conditions like covid-19 pandemic period so the safety stock maintenance is important on emergency conditions

Min/Max order level quantities

Each and every product requirement will be automatically calculate the category or priority based product and its requirement of minimum stock and maximum inventory level

Preventing excess stock levels

if you need to manage inventory is very difficult part. but when you consider the multi chain stores its very difficult to predict the requirement of stocks.

Apply Intelligence Purchase process

Overall even small and medium pharmacy retail outlets can increase there ROI, we provide procurement intelligence solution which includes ABC analysis and lead time analysis of selecting right distribution partners with high margin with long expiry.

Smarter purchase processes

To get an smarter procurement process will create efficiencies with real time decision support system and identify the real competitive advantages

Expedited Process

Optimize the entire process by increased real data along with the productivity of the company by automate the process

Accelerated Scalability

when you scale your business the technology solution address the work force environment requirement and related process on place before the scalability of business

Delivery Commitment

Today world require service industry demand and online store competition delivery commitment is most important to satisfy the customers final mile delivery
multi chain pharmacy software
multi chain pharmacy software

Manage Multiple Warehouse, Distribution Hub and multiple pharmacies

  1. Medeil Cloud HQ Solution address all your scalable requirement on multiple stores demand also warehouse and Distribution hub requirement in the single platforms help you steam line your chain store management and distribution network in the single cloud.

Multiple Warehouse

Manage Multiple warehouse creation and management along based on your scalability and also possible to integrate any third party tracking mechanism

Distribution Hub

Any large, medium and small organization in Pharmaceutical industry or Agro chemical industry the biggest challenge setting up the distribution network and tracking them.

Delivery Hub

Biggest challenges also the stocks are delivered to final mile delivery and collect the payment details and update in to the system will help companies.

e- Commerce Integration

we work with any third party integration of e commerce platform can integrate with our Medeil Cloud HQ Platform help billing both online and offline customer in the single App.

Digital money integration helps fast transactions

Todays world require fast and efficient business transactions including payments between vendors, retailer, and even our customer end. We support digital money integration Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, UPI, and also QR Code based transfer-based country specific solution help Pharmacy owner’s transaction is simple and effective also save the timing.

Third party payment gateway

We support multiple payment gateways for easy transaction both customer end also vendor payment transactions are easy and make it simple from your bank account with in the country

UPI Transfer

Today after Google Pay, Paytm in India, every country has own UPI Based transaction platform between the bank account with your mobile number integration

QR Code Transaction

Today Customer start adopting digital money to accept payment through QR Code transaction from direct bank and also other third-party application help customer and retailer get paid instantly

Credit/Debit Card

Any transaction from your credit card and debit card on specific country specific transaction will help them fast and efficient transaction of revenue cycle both payable and receivable end.

multi chain pharmacy software
multi chain pharmacy software

Make your business fast and efficient. Management

The code generation based on manufacturer and also possible retail chain store wise based on stock inward also possible for easy transaction at inventory level and sales end.

Bar Code Integration

Barcode generation based on inward stock and inventory on item wise label printing is possible for generation of GS1 Standard label will help to follow international standards

QR Code Integration

Today most of the product or company present in the internet space require to access their product through QR Code reader will help to manage inventory and sales end.

Print level

Each and every print will be generate with Bar code integration help them to inward and outward from the delivery with out delay from delivery and gate end

Mobile App support

Our integrated platform help our customer to ready Bar code and QR Code integration though our mobile app and also support integration of third party hardwares