Integrated Multi department Pharmacies

HosBay will help Multispecialty Hospitals or Corporate Hospitals to manage the entire Multiple pharmacies operations in the single cloud application to avoid unaccountable or missing stock issues will be solved by strong audit compliance inbuild into the application.

Integrated Multi department Pharmacies

Hospital Pharmacies manage multiple department wise stock management is very important process to manage entire inventory both in pharmacies and stores

Multiple store management

Managing multiple stores also challenging environment for hospital administration both inward and outward process need to be managed properly

Managing Stocks in Nursing station

In-patient required pharmacy inventory and based on the route of administration of particular drug depend on doctors guidance and dosage need to be managed

ICU or Emergency Ward management

Managing at Intensive care unit inventory and also emergency medicine management for the particular requirement also very important for hospital inventory management control

Extensive Product Information

HosBay will provide the right product information which includes brands are mapped with generics, formulation, dosage, manufacturer, batch number and expiry date with multiple pricing even hospital can add-on our plugin for drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction, drug calculators, and mapping on each generic with disease mapping and Operational procedure class system. (WHO-ICD 10 & WHO-ICD PCS 10)

ATC Classification

Generic molecules are managed by its primary classification method and also adopting WHO-ATC classification of generic molecule based on therapeutic classification.

Insurance Policy based Formulary

In certain countries the health insurance define the formulary of medicines and its demand based medication availabilities and its cost parameters.

Dosage & Formulation

Each and every drugs need to be manage the right dosage and formulation is important based on patient conditions also very important and provide suggestion of alternative medicines for the particular generic, dosage and formulation bases.

High Margin Brand Availabilities

Todays corporate world to manage the formulary is very important based on the margin of particular drugs and finding drug spend analysis

WHO-Global Standards Integrated

We integrated global WHO Standards which includes WHO-ATC coding system, for therapeutic mapping with molecules, also Integrate with WHO-DDD System will help to reduce the dosage limitation, also we have WHO-ICD 10 Disease classification system mapped with generics and also WHO-PCS 10 Coding integrated will help them for health insurance billing.

Medical coding system

Medical coding system is integrated for defined diseases, drugs, and operational procedures, and other country specific standards and regulatory compliances integrated

Daily Defined Dosage

Each and every drug limitation for usage on daily bases if you use excess dosage will be toxic effects to the patient end, so we provide alert system on each drug as per WHO

procedure Coding system

Any operational procedure have specific coding mechanism will be followed by health insurance companies and usage of medicines and medical devices.

Therapeutic coding

Any generic molecule come under the pharmacological classification methods and there chemical types are most important factor for selection of drugs.
hosbay-global standards Integrated

Enhance the quality of care

Hosbay Add-on Will help medical practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists to avoid medication error by guided reference for generating electronic prescriptions, administrative procedure and dispensing medication by the automated process will help healthcare workers to reduce the medication error and increase the quality of care to the patients.


Electronic prescription is avoid medication error by its unique feature of drug specification add-on also help them drug-drug interaction effects

Administrative Procedure

Each and every drug have own route of administration procedures based on the patient health condition and its techniques for medication administration

Dispensing Medication

At Pharmacy level the drug dispensing will be easier with integrated with practice management to avoid doctor own signature also fast for dispensing medicine and spend quality time with patient from pharmacist end.

Medical Adherence

One of the biggest problem is medical adherences due to cost of medication and missing doses will be avoided, and also help them for refill the medication

Right decision of Stock Management

The application allows you to track the movement of the order between internal department pharmacies or from Hospital main pharmacy to the store using a Barcode or QR Code generated serial number.

Inventory Control

Control all your inventory in a single software using automated accountability of stock controlling system will help each and every stock at the hospital

Tracking Inventory

Most difficult part of the movement of stock management is required tracking system between each and every department and bill to information

Short expiry

Our system setting up the inventory based on categories and ABC Analysis report, the short expiry setup will be manage on months or days on overall stock management

Expired Stocks

Expired stock need to be removed from pharmacy environments, so each and every month the expired inventory need to be removed from the current stocks
hosbay-right decision of-stock-management
hosbay-purchase history trends to guide pharma ordering

Purchase history trends to guide pharma ordering

The cost saving on procurement process with required digital technologies along with vendor synergies even to understand the technologies and usage benefits are start accepting even small-scale organization also adopting the technologies

Digital strategies

Pharmaceutical organizations and retail chain stores adopting latest technologies in Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, NLP, and other technologies

Adopting technologies

The Purchase functions is needed a right talent and trained will on technology adoption and skill development programs need to adopt the technologies to succeed in the digital world

Risk Management

Risk management part require a transparent system not only reduces exposure to risk but also reduces the information gap that helps in managing risks more effectively.

Reduce costing

Procure to pay (P2P) Solution integration also possible to automate your accounting process and sell through online payment mode also possible even offline stores will reduce the overall cost the maverick spending by negotiating the critical contracting terms and process.


We manage multiple order process management is very challenging process to generate and fulfil the customer on each channel is the biggest challenge, because each channel need to update the status about order, payment, billing, shipment and delivery details etc.

eCommerce Channel Integrations

Even online ecommerce tool integration also most unavoidable process on today’s demand on medium and large retail chain stores demand on adopting technologies

Real-time stock push

Online platform we can handle stock movement both retail end also other upper channel like warehouse, distribution hub, drop shipping channel also possible based on the stock movement requirements.

Fulfill all your eCommerce orders

its most important to fulfilment process integration on online pharmacies or e-commerce integrated on retail chain process is automate picking, packing etc,

Integration with The Shipping

After the packing based on shipping process requirement to deliver the materials to customer its need to integrate third party couriers, parcel services or delivery partner app integration with medeil cloud Hq
hosbay-purchase history trends to guide pharma ordering
hosbay hospital pharmacy

Managing Multiple Pharmacies & Retails

Medeil Cloud HQ is architect based on multi store requirement for doing business more easy and effectively. create and manage multiple outlets is simple and easy process.

Scale your Business

Manage multiple stores and create any sub verticals in the single platform is possible like warehouse, and distribution hub etc

Automate your multi inventory

To manage multiple inventory on multiple locations can access all the inventory data in a single click to access there stock details in your company data

Analytics by multi store wise

Analytics and business intelligence reports in is important to manage chain stores in the single platform in the cloud environments

Multi store management with ecommerce integration

Manage multiple stores in the cloud along with if you need to integrate with major ecommerce platform also possible in the online