Medicine and healthcare are quickly changing thanks to the advancement of technology. The way medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies practice medicine today is no longer what it used to be. Things have changed, especially in the last five to ten years when digital innovations have connected, fast-tracked, and automated much of the work, making companies in healthcare much more productive.

A study by Deloitte shows that 68% of pharmaceutical companies are now looking towards keeping up with technological trends as one of their main priorities. The pharmaceutical trends 2021 has seen so far seem to indicate that we are coming into a new age of health and wellness. Gone are the days where medicine without a technological application happens in industries globally—even in developing countries.

As technologies in the pharmaceutical industry continue to advance, companies and businesses in pharma products distribution, procurement, or even manufacturing must keep up with the trends. Here are five crucial technology trends that pharmaceutical organizations must watch out for this 2021 and beyond.