The most sophisticated of all Clinic and pharmacy management system comes in with a very friendly UI. The user experiences the highest level of comfort even if it is his/her first time using the product. Abundant tool tips and the fully functional user guide give a head start on the product. To pacify the eyes of the user, the software comes with varied themes. Each theme changes the color and feel of the entire Clinic and pharmacy management system’s User Interface.

Planned Use

Create your own chain of users with restricted access. This is most suited for multiple Medical investigators and counter pharmacies. You can now organize the users based on departments like e-prescriptions, appointment and scheduling, drug dispensing unit, stock/inventory control unit, billing unit and accounting unit. This restricted access prevents the departments to fumbling into information outside their department. Data seepage or privacy, breach of any kind is prohibited.

Knowledge base

More than 1, 25,000 Drug & FMCG Database is available in an instant. Adding value there is a generic medicine name database available for all the medicines in the database. The impact of the database is provided during stock clearance and stock refill as it reduces the fumbling over the keys to load in a product name in the inventory. The value additions do not end here. Latest database of banned drug details, alternative medicines and non-licensed medicines with manufacturer details are available too.

Plug and play

MEDEIL is robust stand alone pharmacy management software compatible with any third-party barcode scanner. You can integrate barcode scanners to speed up your billing. The advantage is the product is also embedded within the inventory master, enabling barcode scanning for restock of the inventory. MEDEIL stands out by providing barcode templates to print your own barcode stickers. This helps you to maintain your own barcode for billing purposes for every product.


The whole of the Clinic and pharmacy management system from VANUSTON is all about process intelligence. The system is built to understand your business. Every stage in your operation is analyzed and automated. The MEDEIL’S business intelligence system gives you a vivid graphical representation of the product sales and performance.


The product is transformed to a PMS by automating the clinical process. The process begins from the front office capturing the demographic details of the patient. The advantage of MEDEIL PLUS is that, it is a Clinic and pharmacy management system with Strong Drug specification features. The e-prescription is fully functional when the clinic and the pharmacy are interconnected through LAN-Local Area Network. The doctor has an interface where he can prescribe medicines for the patient. The drug intelligence system provides warnings on drug-to-drug interactions with the physician prescribing a drug.

Scheduling and Appointments

Using the MEDEIL PLUS system the doctor can also schedule the next visit of a patient. The physician can also suggest for refills of the medicine for the respective patients. The notification option is available for the doctor and the patient for their consecutive visits to the patient. The physician fees, details can also be plugged into the system. E-prescribing is available to the physician or the pharmacist for printing and providing the patient with the hard copy.


The full-fledged accounting module helps you to keep on-track of the sales made and revenue generated by the pharmacy. You can also store multiple bank account information, account summary of each account with cash deposits and other transactions. The in-built tax calculation module helps you to stay on par with the upcoming financial year’s demands. The system also has an inbuilt profit, loss statement for taxation purposes.