Medeil Plus

Most efficient Hospital Management System to manage your Small & Medium Hospital

MEDEIL PLUS is the most effective Medical Practice, pharmacy, and Lab management system available in the market at the most affordable price ever. This is an award winning product from Vanuston and is the only scalable Medical practice management system with integrated pharmacy and lab modules available in the market. From prescription handling to over-the-counter POS, MEDEIL leaves no stone unturned. The increase in private and specialty clinics and hospitals has driven the budding of new pharmacies and health stores. Doctor and pharmacist software has become indispensable to rationalize private physician consultation benefits by more professional practice on patient history, appointments, and completely reduce the medication error, pharmacy operations and improve business performance and thereby the bottom line.



Poly Clinics

Nursing Homes

Clinic Pharmacy


Hospices & Care Centers

Out Patient Department

Long-term care Hospital

Clinic Management


Why to choose Medeil Plus (standalone) ?

A flexible solution for various Hospital software (HIS) needs. The solution enables business
growth quickly and effortlessly without any commitment.

All-in-one Healthcare platform

MEDEIL PLUS is a Multi Software in one package, Unlike many other software systems which provide just Clinic, OPD, inpatient, scan, Rooms, Lab, or Pharmacy, or anyone feature, Medeil Plus provides all in one system.


Doctor Appointment and Scheduling

Reduce your patient waiting hours and make your scheduling proper appointment with Physicians and Specialty Doctors help them their scheduling of visiting appointment with outpatient and also in patients etc.

Electronic Prescription Generation

It captures vital signs and medication error free e-prescription reduce your workload also manage and enter symptoms, allergic conditions, Drug Specification etc.

Electronic Prescription Generation

Drug Reference Database

Medeil Cloud POS follows major regulatory compliance as per industry standards including HIPAA Compliances, WHO ATC & WHO DDD enabled along with WHO-ICD10 Standards etc.

Avoid Medication Error

MEDEILPLUS is the only product to deliver integrated medical practice management with a pharmacy system that reduce 90% medication error,


Laboratory Report generation

Medeil PLUS is allowed all kinds of service bills which including lab report generation Pharmacy store, scan report, Room billing plugin, and also sell on the go etc..

Patient Medical History

Patient previous visit information and prescription generated drug information, and vital sign details allow practitioners for quick understanding of patients.


Medical Reports along with discharge summary Report

Medeil Cloud POS will allow you to work anywhere which includes offline store, online Pharmacy store plugin, and also sell on the go etc..



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