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Our Medeil is a cutting-edge downloadable software for pharmacy inventory management. It’s a Complete end-to-end Retail Pharmacy POS to sell your products in the store, manage inventory, manage your customer with a great experience through knowledge sharing on the go using any device for any Pharmacy outlet, We make sure that Medeil Pharmacy System help customers have their business running smoothly. Keeping in mind all these criteria and many more such needs, we have prepared our pharmacy management software. Medeil covers almost all aspects of maintaining and running a pharmacy from daily paperwork to year-end reports.


Retail Pharmacy

Clinic Pharmacy

Dispensing Pharmacy

Home care Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Beauty & Cosmetics

Long-term care Pharmacy

Cannabis Pharmacy

Health Stores



Why to choose Medeil Pharmacy Software

A flexible solution for various Pharmacy retail business needs. The solution enables business
growth quickly and effortlessly without any commitment.

When reports go digital nothing get lost-The essential filing cabinet.

When reports go digital nothing get lost-The essential filing cabinet.

The smart way of Scheduling-Modestly the best report! Have the real-time analysis of the data as well as alerts that come down the pipeline, • Effectively control stock management like current stock, movable, etc. you can create your report simple, it allows Export and Import to any formats such as XLS, PDF and so on. it's possible to take multiple reports at any time based on sales, stock, purchase, and master information.

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