Medeil Cloud HQ Overview

MEDEIL Cloud HQ is the perfect system to manage multi-store retail pharmacies from Headquarters to manage entire warehouse and retail pharmacies in a single platform will help decision makers to understand the overall stock flow and overall retail chain stores business and operation flow accurately anytime and anywhere to access the end to end cloud enabled ONE platform.

medeil cloud hq


Retail Pharmacy

AYUSH Pharmacy

Clinic Pharmacy

Dispensing Pharmacy

Home care Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Beauty & Cosmetics

Surgical Stores

Long-term care Pharmacy

Cannabis Pharmacy

Health Stores



Why to choose Medeil Cloud HQ?

We designed to address the challenges of Small & medium chain Retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains.

Making the right inventory decisions

MEDEIL HQ helps you run your business efficiently and increase your ROI Through today's demand by latest technology and features. which includes Multistore management along with the intent request, Good receiving note, stock inward process, approved quantity from Headquarters, etc.


Integrated accounting data

Medeil cloud POS is a country specific saas application with its one demands on products, insurance, taxation, etc. it will reduce the cost of the ownership anywhere any time access your data both web and mobile network

Multichannel inventory and order management

Medeil Cloud POS works multichannel inventory management both PO-based and request form to the headquarters. or warehouse or distribution hub based on the individual companies demand on the inventory and also managing orders from online, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and telephone will be generated sales order and process to billing, etc.


Flexible return workflows

Medeil Cloud HQ is a flowless process of return both Procurement process, sales process, and shipment process, etc. the return even the final mile delivery process to the customer to return to headquarters.

Manage multi-location warehouse, distribution hub and retail chain in a single platform

Medeil Cloud HQ is the process depends on the process of HQ, Warehouse, distribution hub, even retail chain end, our process support end to end based on multi-chain store process demand our edition will support them.


Retail outlet management

Medeil Cloud HQ is the process of retail outlet demands on stock and demand process its support traditional and modern process to fulfill the customer demand at the earliest to satisfy the clients.

Best in class Data security standards in the entire HQ process

Medeil Cloud HQ is the complete end to end to managing the process of the headquarters, warehouse management, super stockiest, or importer, Distribution Hub, and Pharmacy retail outlets

Mobility HQ

Mobility is the part of the process in HQ

Medeil Cloud HQ Process will help the user and its demand on a tablet, mobile usage anywhere any time access to their data is built into the system will help customer to access the current business progress and managing the team.

thirdparty integration

Third party integration With Cloud solution Medeil Cloud HQ

We always support all kind of required Third-party Integration get third-party/custom API integration services, Web API development, Over the years, we have worked on several API integrations using REST, JSON, SOAP, Graph QL, etc, if client required specific CRM integration we happy to provide complete support to them.



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