HOSBAY – Hospital Pharmacy Management system is integrated software that helps in managing drug distribution, stocks, and monitor various functions of the pharmacy in a hospital setting.

Hospital pharmacy is the health care service, which comprises the art, practice, and profession of choosing, preparing, storing, compounding, and dispensing medicines and medical devices, advising healthcare professionals and patients on their safe, effective, and efficient use,

Medeil 2.0 is providing end to end solution for hospital pharmacies by able to handle department wise inpatient pharmacies to manage their inventory level at the micro level as well as overall hospital medication requirements. Even it caters the inpatient medication management and addresses nursing station requirements at the department level as well as ICU emergency product requirements for procedures undergoing patient as well as its address the outpatient demand of medication.

Our solution will support the internal transfer of stocks and return from different departments.



Poly Clinics

Nursing Homes

Clinic Pharmacy


Hospices & Care Centers

Out Patient Department

Long-term care Hospital

Clinic Management


Why to choose Hosbay

A flexible solution for various Hospital Multiple Pharmacies and Multiple Store  Management software. The solution enables business
growth quickly and effortlessly without any commitment.

Manage prescriptions

The prescription received from the doctor is automatically reflected in the dispensing unit of a specific patient without any manual intervention.


Track the movement

The application allows you to transfer medicines and items between
different departments seamlessly. It also allows you to track them.

Manage department wise inventory efficiently

You can generate reports that share data about the goods that are shipped from each warehouse along with the trends on sales and purchase trends.


Generate Business Intelligence reports

The application allows you to generate reports to understand the trends like Product spend analysis, Purchase history trends, Distributor delivery status, and spend on receivables, etc.

Exclusive Hospital Pharmacy Software

Hosbay is exclusive Hospital Pharmacy management software, its usually require multiple requirement of shift management, multiple pharmacies and multiple store management process

Exclusive Hospital Pharmacy Software
Manage Multiple shift for Employees

Manage Multiple shift for Employees

Managing multiple shifts is part of pharmacy and store management in hospitals including managing employees is also challenging environment supported by Hosbay

Inventory also accountable for In patient

Managing outpatient bill is not much challenges but managing multiple patients and copay programs including health insurances and third party providers.

Medical Devices management and usage protocol

Medical Devices management and usage protocol

Managing Medical devices is a challenging part of hospitals and its administrators due to multiple approval process for ordering and stocking materials

thirdparty integration

Third party integration With a Cloud solution Hosbay

We always support all kind of required Third-party Integration gets third-party/custom API integration services, Web API development, Over the years, we have worked on several API integrations using REST, JSON, SOAP, Graph QL, etc, if client required specific CRM integration we happy to provide complete support to them.



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