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Fulfilment Management Software

If you are a business owner offering products online and running an online store you will need software that is an integral part of your online business. It is important that the goods are delivered properly in order to ensure timely delivery. CARTFIL  can help your business in many ways.

Order fulfillment software automates the time-consuming tasks of head office, warehouse and inventory management, order picking and processing, and shipping and tracking. People make mistakes, and while no software is perfect, it is generally more accurate than manual processes.

CARTFIL is perfect order fulfillment and inventory management for eCommerce stores by any e-commerce integration by Rest API process is enabled, and distributed inventory management, Omni-channel order management, billing both online orders and offline stores enabled, return management from 3PL also support from the final mile delivery. Import or value of new orders, automated purchase process enabled, its will really help to reduce the likelihood of errors,

overall our system helps the entire eCommerce fulfillment requirement from order to final mile delivery. Even more, you can track the entire process by tracking stage-wise, order-wise, even customer-wise, we can update in real-time to our consumer by email and SMS even by the live tracking system.

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Why to choose Cartfil?

A flexible solution for various Pharmacy retail business needs. The solution enables business
growth quickly and effortlessly without any commitment.

Automate e-commerce delivery

You can process orders from multiple sales channels, Our application is capable of handling multiple warehouses. It allows you to generate shipping labels, packing slips, and pick-up requests.


Manage accounting with ease

The application can generate invoices according to the set guidelines. It complies with the specific taxation system and can generate weekly and monthly reports.

Send regular alerts to your customers

The system provides important updates to the customers throughout the delivery process by Confirmation of the order, Packing status of the order tracking the status of the courier and overall delivery status, etc.


Fully RegulatoryCompliances enabled

Medeil Cloud POS follows major regulatory compliance as per industry standards including HIPAA Compliances, WHO ATC & WHO DDD enabled along with WHO-ICD10 Standards etc.

No Additional hardware required

Medeil Cloud POS Can work with any devices which include desktop, tablet, and mobile devices both android and ios, iPad etc.

Omni channel Pharmacy POS

Medeil Cloud POS will allow you to work anywhere which includes offline store, online Pharmacy store plugin, and also sell on the go, etc.

Best in class Data security standards

Medeil cloud POS is a complete data security standard are followed including OAuth, encrypted data, along with complete cloud, network and application security enabled

Mobile App enabled solution

Medeil Cloud POS will allow you to work anywhere which includes offline store, online Pharmacy store plugin, and also sell on the go, etc.

thirdparty integration

Third party integration With Cloud solution Cartfil

We always support all kind of required Third-party Integration get third-party/custom API integration services, Web API development, Over the years, we have worked on several API integrations using REST, JSON, SOAP, Graph QL, etc, if client required specific CRM integration we happy to provide complete support to them.



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