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Pharmacy Management
System - Standalone

Manages day-to-day business activities of pharmacy stores. Enables pharmacies to transform from predominantly ledger-based documentation to a computerized solution that offers improved service levels, efficient operations, increased accuracy, and reduced inventory management costs.

Pharmacy software

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A product suite meet every need of
industry demands

Medeil Cloud addresses each and every sub-vertical separately or even it will address the entire Pharmaceutical industry through Medeil Cloud as a powerful alone even better together with the set of Medeil Cloud product suite, MEDEIL Cloud is a proprietary ERP solution from Vanuston that optimizes several business processes on a single platform. which will connect from Manufacturer, warehouse, C&F, Supplier to retail pharmacies both alone and chain of Pharmacies up to final mile delivery to the customer in the single Cloud platform.

MEDEIL Cloud breaks down information silos and integrates vendors, CRM, orders, accounts, sales, distribution, and inventory. It improves efficiency in the system while providing significant cost advantages through increased productivity, reduced time-to-market, improved quality, and reduced lead-time. MEDEIL Cloud allows you to stay competitive and deliver value to your customers.

Pharmacy Software

MEDEIL 2.0 is Unique

  • Country specific solution
  • Supports 4 international languages
  • Supports new business models – B2B2C/B2B/ B2C/G2B
  • Provides analytics based on big data and advanced statistical methods
  • AI-enabled solution
  • Functions without hardware
  • Operates in both online and offline mode

Benefits with MEDEIL CLOUD

01. Provides complete visibility of the supply chain

It provides a complete overview of the entire supply chain along with strategic information on inbound and outbound product flow. It provides actionable insights along with the option to get a more detailed report on it.

02. Improves Quality

Delayed shipments, lagging fill rates, and broken packages – surprises and challenges are inevitable in business operations. MEDEIL’s inventory management software identifies and tracks various issues and provides guidance to predict them in advance and manage them appropriately.

03. Helps in forecasting & planning

Along with predicting issues, inventory management software can also forecast the capacity requirements in advance. Users will be able to plan to increase or decrease inventory. It makes the business more efficient both at the product level and the service level.

04. Saves Money

MEDEIL 2.0 provides real-time information so that you can manage stocks accordingly. Your business can make the most out of the existing shelf space to improve margins.

05. Improves productivity

Optimizing business processes can help in reducing the amount of time spent on replenishing stock and process shipments. This provides more time to serve your customers efficiently.

06. Provides access to information anytime, anywhere

MEDEIL 2.0 is a cloud-based solution that helps users to access information anytime and from any location.

07. Simplifies taxation

The invoicing software integrates various taxation policies and can be customized based on the global location

08. Increases ROI

Improved efficiency and effective cost management reduces operational costs and results in increased ROI.